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June 24, 2005
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Kraden by Kraden Kraden by Kraden
This is Kraden.
The Kraden.

When I origionaly came into Anthro\were art, I always imagined myself looking like that.
It's how I feel at times.
I'm not a threat, but not submissive.

I'm thinking through some things at the moment.

I've been listening to metal and rock all afternnon and he came back again.
It's not a bad thing, I feel more peaceful that I've finially given my old...version...a face.

Is it how you imagined my darker side?
It'd be interesting to know :)
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imFragrance Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006   General Artist
very nicely done!
Ultrawolf Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2005
evry body have a dark side, and yours is very interesting, he looks...misterious, but calm, not really agressive, but have a special strenght, I thing, congrats pal for let us give a peek to your inner soul
Kraden Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Your welcome.

I'm glad he had a positive effect one you :)
Neko-Michirure Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2005
This doesn't seem to be a dark Kraden to me, more so, a wise Kraden that's waiting for something or someone X3 And maybe that's what it's been waiting for? For the Kraden of today to come out?

But also it seems like there's a lot more to this picture than there's actually being said, you know? Also, it seems like he can see a lot from far away, or from deep inside, like he's observing everything.

It feels like something you would find after a long time of searching, like if you were reunited with this Kraden and he would remind you of who you are and what you're like. As if, it knew exactly who you were because he's always there watching over you, listening to you with his far reaching ears, and maybe even protecting you from certain things. And he could just as easily slip back into the fog once again and continue watching you and guiding you :0

And lastly, those markings are just plain awesome XD ^o^ Great job on this one Kraden, I love it :3

So, I mean, what's it feel like finally giving him a face?
Kraden Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Well he always had it....prettymuch like this.
I just never drew it before.

Feels nice it does! it does! :nod:

And you got that description of how I feel about him *spot on*.
A guardian spirit. Booyah :XD:
ToByMcMaHoN Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005
very creepy very unique for your style, i like it when u step outside ur normal comfort zone. It has worked really well. a great thing for a poster on the back of a door or a painting or a book mark or a lead in button to a webpage, nice.
Kraden Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005  Professional Digital Artist

I should do that....if we owned the house..

Ahh well.
carnival Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Gaaaaawr~! :orange:

this makes an awesome picture finished off like this Kra-pyu! \: D maaaan what a kule atmosphere this has..... just like jyo said..! the strong n' silent BYSTANDER of FATE. X'D hahahaha! </rant> :heart:

ah really like this Kraden-pickle~
Kraden Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Teh guardiuan-pickle kraden guards your fruity patch of patchy fruityness :XD:

kik3n Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow... thats so cool..

Very nice! The markings are very cool! You have one very spiffy dark side!
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